Skin care in conjunction
with therapy – boosting the
skin benefits.


Medical care is absolutely essential.

Besides the specific treatment of psoriasis and avoiding factors such as stress that trigger flares, day-to-day skin care plays a significant role in improving the complexion of sufferers. It should be a fixed part of every treatment concept, in conjunction with therapy. Basic skin care in conjunction with therapy is not about the specific characteristics of an active ingredient, but about supplying the skin with moisture and lipids, and thereby improving its suppleness and elasticity. This aims to extend symptom-free phases for as long as possible.

Modern lipid foam creams such as Allpremed hydro SPECIAL Lipid Foam Cream close up the gaps in the damaged lipid matrix of the diseased skin. The skin barrier is restored and regeneration of the damaged skin layers is boosted without harming the skin’s natural functions. 


Household remedies for psoriasis

In addition to consistent basic therapy, there are a series of measures with which psoriasis patients can relieve the symptoms and even shorten the duration of a flare. These include natural oils, whose vitamins and fatty acids can contribute to skin regeneration, cooling poultices that alleviate itching, and also baths that assist with exfoliation. Relaxation techniques can also be helpful due to the psychological components of this condition.

  1. Oils: Many psoriasis patients use natural oils such as evening primrose, grapeseed or jojoba oil to restore the suppleness of sore and chapped skin. Unsaturated fatty acids and vitamins are said to boost the healing process and soothe the skin.
  2. Salt baths: Baths containing sea salt are particularly common among household remedies for psoriasis. Salt baths help to remove the little flakes of skin and are said to soothe stressed skin. It is especially important to apply skin care products afterwards as a lot of oil and moisture escapes from the skin during bathing and showering (particularly with hot water)! 
  3. Cooling poultices: In order to relieve the excruciating itching, cooling poultices with cold water or black tea, commercial available gel compresses or ice cubes can be helpful. It is important to make sure that the ice never comes into direct contact with the skin! Other options for relieving the situation include lowering the room temperature and wearing lightweight clothing. 
  4. Stress reduction: Psoriasis flares can be triggered or intensified by stress. This means that anything that can help to reduce psychological strain is beneficial for relieving the progression of the disease. These measures include regular resting, relaxing leisure pursuits, targeted relaxation techniques and psychological assistance.