When the skin
is thirsty.

Dry skin: Causes and development

Dry skin can have a number of different causes. Besides genetic predisposition and increasing age (as we grow older, the skin’s natural moisture content decreases), external factors such as the weather, our diet, stress, medication and certain skin care habits can play a role in the development of dry skin. An existing hereditary tendency is frequently intensified by an incompatible lifestyle and incorrect skin care habits.

There are many different illnesses that are associated with dry skin, in addition to actual skin disorders. For example, diabetes is one of the diseases that can make the skin increasingly dry. This is due to the many and varied metabolic problems caused by the illness.

Frequent washing is tough on the skin

Excessive contact with water and soap or special detergents also gives the skin a hard time: Even frequent bathing in hot water depletes the skin of many valuable lipids, thus damaging the skin barrier.

People who work in wet conditions or have to cleanse their skin several times every day are affected to an even greater degree: Aggressive detergents and wearing gloves throughout the day are known to damage the skin barrier, meaning that it is easier for moisture to escape. The hands dry out, become chapped, and can even lead to eczemas over the course of time.

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