Skin dryness –
what will help?

Dry skin

The right care for dry skin

Dry skin needs more attention than “normal” skin. Suitable skin care products supply the skin with moisture and lipids, and therefore leave the skin feeling noticeably smoother and good overall. In order to restore and maintain the natural skin functions, it is hugely important to adopt skin care that is tailored to the relevant skin condition. It is crucial not only to increase the skin’s lipid and moisture content, but also to restore the skin barrier and therefore the skin’s natural protection function. The following measures also help to keep the skin supple and to avoid dryness: 

  • Gentle body care: Use lukewarm water when showering and use mild, moisturizing skin care products that replenish and are as unperfumed as possible. Avoid irritation by using products that do not contain alcohol.
  • Eat foods that are varied and full of vitamins. You will also help your skin if you drink enough liquids.  
  • Protect your skin against the cold. Wear gloves and protect your face with a rich cream in cold weather.
  • Protect your skin from the sun. Use sunscreen preferably with a high sun protection factor.

Allpremed Foam Creams are tailored specifically to the needs of sensitive, dry skin. The combination of selected ingredients and the pleasantly gentle application of the foam creams increase the effectiveness of our medical skin care in two ways: Firstly, the formulations are precisely tailored to the needs of dry, sensitive skin and therefore provide the skin with an intense supply of lipids and moisture. Secondly, if skin care products are pleasant to use and are rapidly absorbed by the skin, this increases the probability of everyday use. 

Feet dry out more easily

There are no sebaceous glands on our feet, but there is a large number of sweat glands. As a result, these two factors inherently lead to the skin on our feet tending to dry out more than on other parts of our body. And if the skin on the feet loses too much moisture, it begins to flake and itch, and – at an advanced stage – cracks begin to form. This can not only be painful, but also harbour the danger of inflammation and infection.

Foot care for dry and very dry skin

Dry skin on the feet needs special care. It is important to ideally provide dry skin with a daily supply of lipids and moisture. The breathable Allpresan foot care products for dry skin are tailored perfectly to these needs: They provide dry skin with lipids and moisture, while being pleasantly gentle to apply, and rapidly absorbed by the skin – without leaving behind an annoying greasy film.