Medical care
for atopic skin.

The right care for atopic dermatitis

Regardless of the severity of the atopic dermatitis and the stage currently experienced by the patient, consistent basic skin care is an important foundation for therapy. Skin care must be a fixed part of the everyday routine. According to guidelines, skin care products should be chosen as appropriate for the current skin status.

Skin care during acute flares

More than anything else, eczematous skin needs products that are cooling and contain a high proportion of water. It is important not to treat the eczematous patches of skin with products that contain a lot of oil. Reducing itching and improving the complexion are important goals for skin care at this stage. Skin care products ideally allow the damaged skin barrier to be repaired and support skin regeneration.

Skin care between flares

After the acute phase, there is (hopefully) a long phase between the flares. As the skin is usually very dry between these flares, it is recommendable to use a product that provides an intensive supply of lipids and moisture. The skin barrier can still be damaged at this stage, and so it is helpful to restore its natural condition. Skin care products that contribute to repairing and regenerating the skin barrier help to keep the skin in a good condition. If the skin barrier is restored, this helps to reduce the amount of water escaping from the skin and therefore prevents the skin from drying out again.

Even if the skin is in a good condition between flares, it is important to care for the skin with a suitable skin care product on an ongoing basis. Skin care products that are pleasant to apply and are rapidly absorbed by the skin make it easier to care for the skin every day.

It is also possible to care for the skin during cleansing. Here are a few tips for daily skin cleansing:


Replenishing skin care products, shower oils or oily baths should be used for cleansing. If you would like to make an oily bath yourself, please remember that you need an emulsifier. Water and oil do not blend without an emulsifier. Suitable emulsifiers are milk, cream or honey. In general, make sure that the water is neither too warm (the temperature should be between 34 °C and 36 °C) and you should not stay in the water too long (about 5 minutes). Showering for a short time every day with clear water is recommendable, especially in the summer months. Mild, replenishing products are preferable for cleansing.


Suitable medical skin care products

The Allpremed atopix Lipid Foam Creams are specifically tailored to the needs of atopic skin. Skin-related lipids close up the gaps in the lipid matrix of the skin barrier, which also encourages the skin to regenerate naturally. The innovative foam cream technology allows the products to be applied pleasantly and without irritation, and to be absorbed rapidly by the skin. Without any annoying greasy film.

The combination of the proven, highly effective products with pleasantly irritant-free application and very rapid absorption of the Lipid Foam Creams by the skin increases the willingness to care for the skin on a daily basis, which is so important, thereby further increasing the good effect due to regular application.