Allpremed psoriatix

Medical skin care for the needs of psoriatic skin

Extremely flaky, itchy and reddened skin is a symptom of psoriasis. Allpremed psoriatix Lipid Foam Cream is based on patented BarrioExpert LIPO2 Skin Repair Technology and has been tailored specifically to the needs of psoriatic skin. 
The foam cream contains biomimetic (skin-related) lipids that fit perfectly into the gaps in the damaged skin barrier. The skin receives an intense supply of lipids and moisture, which helps to repair and regenerate the skin barrier.

Allpremed psoriatix Lipid Foam Cream 

  • gently removes skin flakes
  • soothes irritated, itchy skin
  • provides the skin with an intense supply of moisture and lipids 
  • stabilizes the skin barrier and boosts its natural regeneration
  • relieves the inflammation process

Allpremed psoriatix Foam Cream is particularly well tolerated by people who are prone to skin allergies as it is free from artificial fragrances, colourants and preservatives.