Sensitive care.
Strong protection.

Allpremed hydro

 Medical care for very dry skin

Dry skin needs special care. Allpremed hydro Original Foam Creams on the basis of BarrioExpert Technology were specifically developed for the needs of dry, sensitive and scaly skin. They supply the skin with intense moisture and thus ensure that the oil and moisture deficiency characteristic of dry skin can return to normal, leaving the skin feeling smooth and silky once more.

Allpremed hydro Foam Creams can be used for  

  • Everyday care when the skin is dry, taut and itchy 
  • Occasional application when supplementary skin care has been recommended by dermatologists (e.g. for people who are prone to psoriasis or eczemas due to wear or dehydration) 
  • Intensive skin care following treatment (e.g. with corticosteroids) to support skin regeneration  

Allpremed hydro Foam Creams are particularly well tolerated by people who are prone to skin allergies as they are free from artificial fragrances, colourants and preservatives.