Where handwashing
is routine, skin protection
should be standard.

Allpremed hand expert

Medical hand care for sensitive to extremely stressed skin.

Anybody who has to maintain especially strict hand hygiene at work, who works in wet conditions all the time, or who washes their hands especially thoroughly in their private lives, knows that frequent contact with water, cleaning agents and disinfectants is tough on your skin. As a result, it can dry out and cracks can appear, or even eczema.

Allpremed hand expert was specifically developed for the medical care and repair of especially stressed, sensitive hands. Application of the foam creams is pleasantly gentle; they can be spread evenly on the skin, and BarrioExpert Technology enables the cream to be absorbed within a very short time – without leaving behind an unpleasant greasy film or annoying fingerprints. Our PROTECT Foam Cream strengthens the skin’s protective barrier and increases its resistance to excessive stress. Our REPAIR Lipid Foam Cream repairs the damaged skin barrier of stressed, sensitive hands, and boosts the skin’s natural regeneration. And if your hands are already damaged, the new INTENSIVE REPAIR Lipid Foam Cream even repairs skin that is suffering due to the cold or extreme stress! 

The product line also includes the supplementary products WASH Cleansing Foam that contains high-grade oils for pleasant skin care, HYGIENE Antibacterial Soothing Spray that reduces the exposure to bacteria of stressed and sensitive hands, and our latest addition, CARE & HYGIENE Antibacterial Foam Spray that reduces bacterial exposure and also cares for extremely stressed skin.