The Allpremed brand

Medical foam creams for sensitive skin

It is our aim to develop high-quality, medical care for sensitive skin. To achieve this goal, we select specific ingredients and combine them with our innovative foam cream technology. In addition, we examine our products’ high level of effectiveness using sophisticated clinical studies according to pharmaceutical standards in order to meet scientific requirements as well. Allpremed stands for premium-quality medical skin care whose efficacy has been proven in clinical studies.

Dry skin needs special care. Allpremed Foam Creams have been specifically developed for the needs of very dry and highly sensitive skin as characteristic of atopic dermatitis and psoriasis, for example. They are tailored specifically to each skin condition and therefore supply the ideal care for varying skin demands.

Our Original Foam Creams offer all the advantages of BarrioExpert Technology. Application is pleasantly gentle and free of irritation, and the foam cream texture allows extremely rapid absorption. The foam creams create a breathable protective mesh on the skin without affecting the natural skin functions.

We have developed our Lipid Foam Creams specifically with the needs of skin with atopic dermatitis and psoriasis in mind, based on BarrioExpert Technology. These creams combine the advantages of our Original Foam Creams with the particular characteristics of a special complex that uses skin-related lipids. In controlled, randomized, blind clinical studies we have been able to prove that the use of our Lipid Foam Creams on dry skin with atopic dermatitis restores the damaged skin barrier and encourages skin regeneration. We avoid fragrances, colourants and preservatives in order to provide the best possible tolerance.

The Allpremed brand includes the product lines Allpremed hydroAllpremed atopix, Allpremed hand expert plus our latest addition – Allpremed psoriatix

Medical skin care 
for the needs of dry, 
sensitive and scaly skin

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Medical skin care 
for the needs 
of atopic skin

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Medical skin care
for the needs of
psoriatic skin

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Medical hand care
for sensitive to extremely
stressed skin.

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